Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Portfolio update

I let go half off DGP (double long gold ETF) at a paltry profit, with the market rallying like it is gold is facing a tough time (almost an exact inverse correlation with the market right now).

On the brighter side Fidelity national finance FNF is up 5.5% today after they reported last night. Though their quarter was rough (0.06c EPS on an expectation range of -0.03 to 12c), they did say that business has picked up strongly towards the latter half of the quarter.

I also started a position in Allegiant Travel ALGT, with Priceline reporting today they might get a nice booster dose tomorrow.

I also dipped into my emergency fund and transferred $2000 to India to take advantage of the high interest fixed deposit scheme I talked about earlier, I'll probabaly do a 50-50 split (1/2 in the 12% FD with Tata Motors and 1/2 in a 9.75% FD with HDFC bank).

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