Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Seabeast : made his bones in cash games before switching to tournament poker, that what I need to do, stick to cash till I have a roll that can make some damage.

TheAshman103 without the tilt and degen behavior and better bankroll management, but please give me his balls and skills. He is a true rags to riches story (740 usd to 970k usd in 1 year 3 months, and then donating back almost half of his net worth trying to compete with deep pocketed best of the best players). Heres his story in his own words of his rise based on pure skill and balls. A related highly negative cover story on this guy here.

Ben Grundy: another mid stakes grinder who successfully made his mark in the big games, of course he runs better than God. Please give me his god-like-running ability.

Last but not the least, my favorite Foucault: Needed his skills in cash game and life.

Foucault's 35th place finish in last years WSOP main event brought hm the check above. His bread and butter though is cash.

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